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Saturday, March 11th 2023

Cercle Cité Luxembourg

Thanks to all who contributed to the success of the Viennese Ball Luxembourg 2023! 

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Photos Viennese Ball Luxembourg 2023

Like the Opera Ball in Vienna, the Luxembourg Wiener Ball (Viennese Ball) has become a splendid fixture in the social calendar. The popularity and status of this Luxembourg event, organised to benefit charitable causes, can be ascribed to the attractiveness of Vienna as a metropolis on the Danube, and the close ties and excellent relationship between the Grand Duchy and the Austrian Republic.

You are invited to come and join a captivating evening of dance music, both classical Viennese and more modern melodies, and to experience all the highlights of the Ball; the ceremonial entry and dance shows of the debutante committee followed by the "Alles Walzer!" (waltz for all!), and the traditional midnight interlude.




We would like to thank our partners, who make the ball possible thanks to their generous support

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