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Social Commitment

For many years, the non-profit organisation Viennese Ball Luxembourg has considered it its goal to support social organizations with therapeutic objectives for children.

From 2012 to 2015, the proceeds of the ball evenings went to the Red Cross Luxembourg (Kannerhaus Jean) in a multi-year concept.

The proceeds from the 2017 ball year amounting to 3.000.- € were donated to the Service Enfants of Omega 90.

The proceeds from the 2019 ball year amounting to 3000,- € were donated to the Leederwon asbl. from Betzdorf.

For the year 2023, the benefit will go to the Fondation Jean Hamilius Junior, and in particular the Cercle Emile Haas asbl, to accompany young adults in psychosocial distress. More information about the supported project is available here.

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